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Energy Savings System




Global Consciousness

  • Global Warming VS Environmentally Friendly
  • Energy Crisis VS Recycable Energy
  • Wastage VS Energy Efficiency

Today's Savings, Tomorrow's Sustainable Living!

The Electricity demand is growing day by day, which is resulting the CO2 Emission getting higher and higher. It is a hot topic in the international community. Every single kWh power savings will help to reduce a significant CO2 emission to the open air. Thus, saves our homeworld and save the energy meanwhile.

Many electrical energy consumer have became aware of power efficient and energy savings solutions. Consumers seek for those solutions which are effectively reducing the power consumption without affecting the productivity and comfortibility, .


  1. Energy savings solution throughout high efficient replacement
  2. Energy savings solution throughout recyclable resources
  3. Energy savings solution by cutting off the unneccessary or unwanted power feeding
  4. Energy savings solution throughout operation management
  5. Energy efficient solution - power quality improvement.

ENER-SAVE SDN BHD help to define the potential power savings in your premises with its chosen products & its attractive payback period.

As we known, there are many products in the market that help to save your electrical energy. However, we emphasis on most potential payback in energy savings meantime UN Montreal protocol and Kyoto protocol compliance.

Potential Loads for Power Savings:

  1. Air Conditioner, ACPU, WCPU, Ceiling Cassete Unit, Chillers ...
  2. Injection Moulding Machine
  3. Blowers/ Fans - suction fan, exhaust blower, etc...
  4. Fluorescent Light
  5. Street Light, Sport Light, High Pressure Vapour Lamp, Metal Halide bulb...
  6. Pumps - vacuum pump, water pump, etc...
  7. Air Compressor
  8. Others

Energy Saving Tips:

1. Convert HCFC, HFC, & CFC gas to Hydrocarbon Refrigerant Gas.

2. Convert T8 Fluorescent Lamp to LED Lighting

3. Change the Low efficient motor to High Efficiency Motor.

4. Improve the power quality, stabilise the input voltage & increase the power factor by Voltage stabiliser and capacitor bank.

5. Using soft-starter to start motor, pump, blower to reduce power spike by Inverter.

Ener-Save Sdn. Bhd. Plans to deliver complete and comprehensive Energy Savings Solution in terms of electrical savings. Ener-Save Sdn. Bhd. is founded to study and improve the power quality and its environmental friendly input for a factory or complex and acts as energy conservation and energy savings consultant by providing various solutions to her Client in Malaysia, Singapore, Sabah & Sarawak.

We save the electrical energy and help to reduce the CO2 emission into the open air. Every single kWh savings resulting less CO2 emission due to less fuel burning by power/electrical energy generator. Our energy savings systems/ equipments include Hydrocarbon Refrigerant Gas, T5 Electronic Ballast Fluorescent Lamp, LVD Induction Lamp, Solar Power, Three Phase Inverter, Voltage Regulator & Reactive Corrective System. These are the energy savings solutions for Air Conditioner, Chiller, Air Compressor, T8 Fluorescent, High Bay, Street Light, Blowers, Fans, Pumps & Machineries.

Nevertheless, we are the Northcutt Hydrocarbon Refrigerant gas supplier in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippine, Brunei, Laos, Cambodia & Myanmar for Southeast Asia Region.

How do we conduct and start the energy savings audit?

ENER-SAVE SDN BHD provide total energy saving solutions to commercial and industrial sector. For the very beginning, a preliminary study on the electrical energy consumption for your complex or factories is required. The draft below showing our methodology: 

  1. Provide us a copy of electricity bill for the latest 3 months. – will help to check your electrical energy efficiency.
  2. Provide us a list of machines/ motors – will bring further to the studying of the potential of energy saving.
  3. Provide us a visit to your complex or factories- will allow us to conduct an onsite survey, recording down the electrical power consumption for the proposal of energy saving.

Flow Chart

Your One Stop Electrical Energy Savings System-


Energy Savings System, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, Control Switch Board / DB/ SubDB and MSB, Power Electrical & Control Wiring Works.



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